The lilies in our valley

Front view of our "home sweet home"

July has been a month of new beginnings in the Peaceful Valley – the place the Lozier family calls home.  Our lives have taken many twists and turns since moving to the valley seventeen years ago.  In spite of all the challenges of this historic farmhouse, we can’t think of any other place to call home.

The lilies in our valley are daylilies and, like many other things in the recent past, they’ve been neglected.  It feels good to shift my focus back to my family, my friends and our splendid home.  Sometimes life gets in the way of living – and it’s nice to reprioritize things to help get life and living back in balance.  Weeding my long neglected daylilies seemed symbolic.  They had been over-run with pricker bushes, ferns and other weeds.  It felt good to clean them up and give them their space again.  It also forced me to keep my sense of humor active – since the fresh earth quickly became a toilet for our new cat…… while I was still working in it!  When I moved to another area of the lily bed, he followed me and did more of his business.  That seemed like a good time to call it a day.

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