“Peaceful Morning” – a poem by Asad

Asad wrote the below poem in April, 2009 for a high school English class.  I remembered it this morning when I heard about the bombing of the US Embassy in Kabul.  Asad and hundreds of other young Afghan students like him are studying abroad in developed, peaceful countries.  They bring with them the hope of returning to their homeland and starting a new day (a peaceful morning) for their embattled nation.  Though they live in comfort while studying in the U.S., Canada, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, India and other countries, the troubles from their beloved Afghanistan are carried in their hearts and souls.

“Wa man har kujayee ke baasham, Tu ee jaan fazaa aie deyaaram.”  (Whether I am near or far, You are in my heart – oh my homeland)

Peaceful Morning

What scene would I rather be enveloped in
than this one?
On a beautiful morning sitting outside on a soft chair,
Sound of water passing in a stream beside me,
Beautiful birds singing their morning songs
Rested and happy by the morning and my family’s love.

It gives me time to think about
The birds and their beautiful morning songs,
Worshipping and thanking their creator,
Greeting a new day with happiness and hope
Searching for food for their young ones as we do

Outside of this area
There is nothing that I need,
Not war, conflict and politics,
Nor feuds, tension or stress,
Nothing but hope, love and happiness

No, everything is fine here,
The love, hope and happiness,
Morning wind blowing softly and slowly
It makes the trees and leaves give lovely sounds
Calling me, “it is not fair –
you in a peaceful morning with bird songs and tree sounds
Others with songs of bombs and rockets and their weeping tunes”

So, forgive me
If I slowly listen and think,
While I am not deaf or blind
I treasure these moments of solace,
I savor them not just for me
Such a morning makes me think about others,
Others who need us and such a peaceful morning

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One Response to “Peaceful Morning” – a poem by Asad

  1. Mahmood says:

    beautiful poem.

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