Approaching our house from the railroad tracks, this would be your first view.

Welcome to Lozier’s Peaceful Valley – a blog about our home, our family and our lives.  Our large, but humble house was built 150-200 years ago.  The Bates family built it and several subsequent generations of Bates family members lived there until we bought it in June, 1994.  There were no surviving direct descendants and the house came complete with 150 years worth of diaries, letters, photographs and other Bates family memorabilia.  We bought a piece of history in 1994 and can’t imagine anywhere else to call home.  Shawn, Erik and Weston spent their childhoods here – many happy memories, a fair amount of mischief and lots of exploring.

Though there’s not much traffic on this dirt road, there’s been a lot of traffic through our house.  Since 1994, 24 young people from 13 different countries have also called this “home” – 16 in just the past five years.  This does not include a countless number of guests from near and far.  Our lives have been blessed by this house.  By reading this blog, you can join us in our little piece of heaven.  Come share our lives, our love, our happiness and our challenges.  It’s not always peaceful in the Peaceful Valley, but it’s our home and we love it.


5 Responses to About

  1. Ali says:

    Hey Kara. Such a beautiful house. It’s so nice. What an amazing area and view. I can’t wait being your guest. Oh my God!!! It’s really lovely.

  2. Anika Ayyar says:

    Hey Kara – I recently came across your blog through another site and also read that you are an editor for a newspaper in Afghanistan? I am a Junior at Duke University and launched an online video talk show called The Sheroes Project – an interactive, online, video talk-show to showcase inspirational stories of women in technology. The goal of The Sheroes Project is to allow young girls all over the world who are interested in computer science and engineering to interact with role models whose career paths they can aspire to follow in – to SHOW them who they can be in the future. All the episodes are recorded and available for viewing at any time. I would LOVE to get young girls from Afghanistan to subscribe and join the Sheroes Project. I am also available to speak at any time and discuss in more detail. Please feel free to contact me

  3. Ahmad Jahid says:

    Wow, it is very nice and attractive. I hope to visit it one day 🙂 . It would be my pleasure to join in this blog.

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